Childlike Bewliderment

Childlike Bewilderment is track 2 from the BEGRABNIS / ESTRANGEMENT split CD released 21 September 2014 through Weird Truth Productions

Please visit the home of our Japanese brethren BEGRABNIS, a truly haunted dwelling:

Released 21 September 2014

Music and lyrics written, performed and recorded by ESTRANGEMENT

Mixing and Mastering by Paul Q at Sound Factory

Cover artwork by Alice Biddau

Band photography by Michal Imieski

Belong Beneath

Recorded as 2012 became 2013 at Hunter's House in the Trees.

All music and lyrics written and recited by J.S.

Released through Aurora Australis Records


ESTRANGEMENT are currently writing and rehearsing material for their debut album. From time to time the band will publish brief videos of this process, allowing listeners to remain abreast of the album's progress. While the band anticipate little feedback on these videos, they welcome any critique or commentary listeners may have.

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